Recording, Audio post-production

Gyík zenekar | Léghajós [Official] - [MIXING, MASTERING]

Űrlénykirály x Galambos Péter – Elhiszel [Mixing, Mastering]

Űrlénykirály x Galambos Péter - Raise [Mixing, Mastering]

In addition to the diamond-throated Peter Galambos (X-Factor), Borsa showed a new face, so I was more than happy to help them with Raise and then the latest 'Elhiszel' song which was heard on Petőfi Radio's 'Dalra magyar extra' program with a short interview.

Űrlénykirály - A lányok hangulata, a fiúk kedve (kislemez két felvonásban) [Mixing, Mastering]

The sophisticated musical work of Borsa Balogh (Gyík zenekar, Űrlénykirály) has intrigued me from the beginning, so I was pleased to undertake studio work on the following work. In a unique way, there are two songs in one video, which makes it exciting in the first place.

Alien King Project – Discomfort Zone [Composing, Mixing, Mastering]

Working together with Eszter Antal based on Borsa’s guitar play became really exciting, which was presented in the framework of a project.

Musical releases

Widosub – Paper Train EP

MustBeat – The Feedback (widosub remix)

Widosub – I need More Space EP

Widosub – On My Way Home EP

Double D – Thud (widosub remix)

Widosub – Hyber-Nation LP

Video releases

The following two animated short films were created based on the drawings of Balázs Gróf and were commissioned by the Zöld Övezet.

Csak egy nap, és más semmi (A kérészlány randira készül) – [Audio post-production, Sound Design]

Csak egy nap, és más semmi 2. – [Background music, Audio post-production, Sound Design]

Chituc Ringing Camp/Tabăra de inelare de pe Grindul Chituc/Chituc túrzási gyűrűzőtábor 2017 – [Background music, Audio post-production]

Helyben Hagyjuk – Vásárolj tudatosan Szolnokon! [Background music]